Values & Approach


Nurturing the growth of social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Indonesia.


Developing Responsible Ecosystem through social innovation and entrepreneurship education.

How We Design Our Works

We use the human-centred approach to create our programs

We Design the Journey of History Maker

We are not only thinking about our current social entrepreneurship waves,
but we do take serious development in our future generation to become “History Maker”.

1. The developments of History Makers start from understanding themselves (Sense of Self). They would then be able to understand where they belong to (Sense of Belonging) to be able to define their purposes in life (Sense of Purposes);

2. Understanding themselves and their surroundings will improve their mindset, or the capability in seeing the how the world works;

3. The actions taken toward improvements in each step will develop their skillset or behaviour towards challenges while also being able to use certain toolset or the ability judge which approach to be applied to deal with the challenges;

4. The whole process develops Individual Empathy, Group Empathy and Social Empathy that are needed to create a solution on any challenges in surroundings;

The Profile of History Maker

In summary, they will undergo a transformation of thinking scope; thinking about Creating Values or how to rethink, reinvent, or recreate; thinking about Relevance or being able to judge usefulness, value, appropriateness, and meanings within a context; thinking about Effectiveness or a finding new ways to change one’s perspective of reality and being impactful to him/herself, society, and surroundings.

We could not do all of the works alone!

Responsible Ecosystem can only be nurtured if everyone comes together. One of the ways is to develop a multi-stakeholder ecosystem in which every stakeholder takes responsibility to improve human qualities. Through the years, we have worked with partners and collaborators from various backgrounds: governments, NPOs, NGOs, CSOs, Central Bank, Businesses, Faith-based organizations, Media to intervene a large spectrum target ranging from group of children, youth, adults, old youngs to families (domestic environment), schools and universities (formal education environment) to ecosystem (society).

Our works in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education are a manifestation of Developing Responsible Ecosystem while also contributing toward achieving SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Let’s widespread the positive vibes together! Join us by becoming our inner-circle!
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