Our Works

At a glance, our works are look like they are running individually. However, at its core, our works are connected to deliver inclusive impact through our five main activities.

Delivering Entrepreneurship Education for All: SIDEd creating access to quality education and continuing education process through social creativity and innovation as well as social innovation and entrepreneurship education.

Nurturing Organizational Innovativeness: SIDCo is our consulting arm and acts as a platform to collaborate with stakeholders.

Experimenting Best-fit Solutions for Sustainability: SIDEx designed solution to relevant problems or issues. This is where we can reach various issues and therefore greater impact.

Storytelling and the Portraits of People: SIDPub connecting people through stories. We believe everyone has perspectives and stories to tell, and that everyone can learn, or be inspired from anyone.

SIDLab is our way to promote and nurture research and design culture. Also acts as a way to measure our impact, design new programs, and introduce our approach to the wider audiences.

Sociopreneur Indonesia Focus on The Sustainable Development Agenda:

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