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Innovation Lab contains workshops that aim to nurture innovation by applying design thinking. In this hands-on workshop, participants will experience creative and fun activities to learn each stage of innovation. At the end of the workshop, participants will pitch their innovative ideas to expert panels.

Our Previous Events

Innovation Lab & Innovation Award

Bank Indonesia improves the organizational innovativeness through Bank Indonesia Innovation Program. To achieve the mission, Bank Indonesia engaged SociopreneurID to design Bank Indonesia Innovation Lab and Bank Indonesia Innovation Award. These programs introduce the culture of innovation to organizations. Since 2018, the programs have delivered a series of entrepreneurship and innovation coaching programs.

Youth Economic Leadership Program (YELP)

YELP initiated by Bank Indonesia Institute (BINS) to nurture the growth of Indonesia’s future economic leader. To achieve the mission, BINS engaged SociopreneurID to design the YELP. Since 2017, YELP has encouraged Indonesian youth to solve economic, social, and environmental issues through their innovative enterprises.

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