How to Involved

“Every cloud has a silver lining” as well as the COVID-19 pandemic situation has created opportunities. There are more positive actions around the world that encourage everyone to unite as one.

Thus, we want to bring this positive vibe to our Empathy Project. Even though large gatherings are being prohibited anyplace this year, we will continue to deliver Empathy Project virtually in October 2020.

Raising the theme of Solidarity: A Small Act of Kindness, we would like to invite our friends and networks from all over the world to come together in Empathy Project 2020 and take a role to create positive changes to the world.

Empathy Project envisions a future society where people of any background are able to contribute to a better world, humbly beginning from empathy. Therefore, we believe everyone can be a change, including you!

We believe “a small act of kindness will create a ripple effect.”

There are four ways to join the Empathy Project 2020


Experteering is medium of volunteerism to anyone in any part of the world.

Youth Volunteering

Youth Volunteering is a medium of volunteerism for youth in any part of the world

Co-Hosting Three-S Dialogue

Three-S Dialogue is a medium for sharing best-practices on creating changes.

Be a #HistoryMaker!

#HistoryMaker is a pool of like-minded people who takes a small act of kindness in any ways.

Spread the Kindness