Three-S Dialogue: Empathy Talks

Three-S Dialogue: Empathy Talks


“Is it okay if we have too much empathy?” questioned one of the participants on our latest Three-S Dialogue.

“Well, ain’t it is said that even too much love will “kill” you? The same goes with the “too much” of everything else, including #empathy.”


According to Psychology Today, when you embody other people’s emotions, you may feel responsible for relieving their pain. You feel the need to fix their problems and make them feel better. Unless people want your help, your intrusive reaction will push them away no matter the value of your intention. They might feel less understood. The response you believe is “being supportive” could damage their sense of safety and trust. They no longer feel they can fully express themselves with you.

By keeping this in mind, it’s only fair to say that even us, humans, should not be too kind or too empathetic but rather being rational to keep things balanced might be the best solution for us all. Anyway, we have shared more about this talk specifically on empathy during Three-S Dialogue with MG Group at HelloMotion High School, Tuesday (10/03).

The session was delivered by Christian Putra Setiawan from SociopreneurID and Natalia Suwignyo from MG Group. A workshop was also conducted to have the participants learn how to see from the perspective of others. During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to map their potentials.

It was a fun session we had!
We will see you at the next Three-S 😁

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Location: 📍 HelloMotion High School
Date: March 10, 2020
Duration: 1 Day