Seminggu Sebuku: Self Driving

Seminggu Sebuku: Self Driving




“Belajar satu buku tiap minggu, baca satu buku tiap bulan”

We invite you to join our book club! Perhaps not your usual book club as we focus not only on which book do you read; we focus on each member’s improvement through reading.

We are aware that different people will see a different angle of a book. The person who shares the book matters and when a member shares a book, he/she does not only share the book but also his/her values that are discovered upon reading the book. They are sharing a fraction of themselves, and the audience learns the part of it. This way, we are building not only a culture of book reading but also a deeply connected community with empathy.

Anyway, this Thursday, #SemingguSebuku will present:
Self Driving (2018, Prof. Rhenald Kasali)

Self Driving is a self-development book that tells about life using an analogy between a car, a driver, and a passenger. If life is a car, then we, human, can choose to be a driver or a passenger. Whatever our choice is, it will determine our purpose and direction.

This week’s storyteller is Afriska Kusnia.
She is a teacher and also a bookworm! Stay tuned on Thursday, June 25, 2020 on 19:00 WIB #athome – We will see you at Zoom!

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Date: June 25, 2020
Duration: 1 Day