BCreator: SMP Al-Hasaniyah, Tangerang Selatan

BCreator: SMP Al-Hasaniyah, Tangerang Selatan


During one session in BCreator , we asked the whole classroom “How many of you are creative?” and we see only one or two hands protruding, though confident, in the group of  40 students. The 40 of them are secondary level girls participating in our Be Creative Innovators (BCreator) program last Saturday (29/02).

We share before you, something interesting we found. The scenario went as follows:
“Look around you! Tell us 5 round things you see.”
At first, they were stiff, only glancing or tilting their neck a bit.
“Go and explore the room!”
Some of them wrote common findings such as clocks, tumblers, glasses, hats.
We further challenged them to see the unseen, such as how the circular tape is square seen from the side.

It was some sort of illumination. This time they became more motivated to survey the room.

Surprisingly, they listed more than 20 round things around them under 5 minutes. When we asked some of them to read their findings, we were awed at the escalation: “one is the hole in the wall behind the whiteboard, two is the ‘o’ shape in 0, three is the eyeball of the painting on the wall, four is the round sticker on Ana’s phone…” and the list of her unique observations went on and on. It was not just one girl, there are several others wrote down something more details and it proved that they are actually creative.

“See, you guys can do it! Now how many of you are feeling creative right now?” All of them raised their hands confidently. This time, with a big smile on their face. Knowing that they can be creative by unleashing their potentials to the fullest! Becoming aware of the surroundings is one part of learning before being able to see value in things.

It was a happy, lovely day with the girls ❤

Since 2013, SociopreneurID has creating access to quality education and lifelong learning through BCreator (Be a Creative Innovator). BCreator was designed to stimulate creativity by developing PhISeS (Physical ,Intellectual, Socio-emotional and Spiritual) Skills. BCreator aims to promote entrepreneurship education to youth through a series of fun activities and creativity games. BCreator involving junior-high school students and guided by facilitators and teachers. The activities encourage participants to understand themselves and aware to their surroundings. Participants also have learned about innovation using six thinking hats to solve specific issues and creating values.

Location: 📍 SMP Al-Hasaniyah, Tangerang Selatan
Date: February 29, 2020
Duration: 1 Day