Empathy Project 2021
Empathy Project envisions a future society where people of any background can contribute to a better world, humbly beginning from empathy.
Raising the theme of #StoryOfWellness, we would like to invite our friends and networks from all over the world to come together in Empathy Project 2021 and take a role to create positive changes to the world. Starting from June, a series of programs will be delivered and the closing will be on Empathy Week (August, week 4).

The Milestones ‘Empathy Project’


The first Empathy Project was delivered in Sembulang, Batam, and has involved 1,000+ learners and collaborators.


In 2019, Empathy Project was delivered in three regions (Solo, Tangerang Selatan, Boyolali) and has involved 3,000+ learners and collaborators.


Due to Covid-19, Empathy Project was delivered virtually with the theme “Small Act of Kindness” and has involved 4,000+ learners and collaborators.


This year, Empathy Project Virtual will be delivered with the theme “Story of Wellness” and aim to involve 5,000+ learners and collaborators.

Why #StoryOfWellness?

The pandemic has brought us one of the most demanding challenge of our times. While we adapt by migrating our activities online, it can be argued to be a source of many imbalances (GWD, 2021).

As schools and public spaces are still under lockdown, people’s time online has proven detrimental to their both physical and mental health. More people are reporting fatigueness, loneliness, or other forms of disharmony working from home. At the same time, people’s demand for digital entertainment is record-high, presumably as coping method.

According to WEForum (2021), we are 45% more exposed to negative emotions compared to last year. The opposite of these emotions is wellness, a state where our physical, mental, social, spiritual, and economical aspects are optimal (WHO, 2006). When both our internal and external needs are attuned, we become agile adapting to new circumstances. Wellness therefore enables not only productivity but also resiliency.

Imagine if like-minded people gather and resolve to achieve wellness together. They would connect, heal, and make their next steps.

Imagine these people are us; would we be creating a better world, at least for our surroundings?

So, let’s make our #StoryOfWellness together!


Expert and Youth Volunteering is designed to engage professionals and youths to collaborate and produce free, accessible, and practical educational videos.

AHAI Challenge is designed to encourage primary to high school students to produce videos of ‘creativity games’ based on Science, Math, or Art.

Co-Hosting Three-S is designed to engage various organization/institutions to promote social entrepreneurship by organizing a webinar with SociopreneurID.

SIDTalk is designed to inspire, share knowledge, and establish new network through stories from social entrepreneurs/social innovators.

7 Days of Kindness Challenge is a global movement that encourages anyone of any background to practice small acts of kindness regularly and inspire more people to do the same.


Since we first launched Empathy Project Virtual 2021: #StoryOfWellness in June 2021, we have been very honoured to have been collaborating with 88 youth and professional volunteers from all over Indonesia, initiating webinars to discuss various topics with our institutions/organizations partners, supporting acts of kindness and positive activities from our friends in India and Malaysia, empowering elementary school students to be creative and innovative through science, math, and art games. All of the activities are our efforts to maintain wellness, especially at critical times in 2021.

We realize that three months is not enough to spread kindness and empower everyone to impact the surroundings positively. The past three months are still the beginning, and that is why we want to continue the effort by sharing our stories with you at the closing ceremony at Empathy Week 2021!


Spread the Kindness