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Empathy Project envisions a future society where people of any background can contribute to a better world, humbly beginning from empathy.

Since 2018, we have delivered four Empathy Projects in various regions in Indonesia. Every Empathy Project involves at least 1000 elementary school students, 300 volunteers, 250 parents and teachers, and 250 communities members.

Even though large gatherings are being prohibited anyplace due to COVID-19, we commit to deliver Empathy Project this year by bringing it virtually.

We Believe

“by transforming the status quo in education, we prepare a better future society that will be responsible not only to themselves but also to other people and, the Planet, so Responsible Ecosystem achieved.”

The responsible ecosystem cannot be created without creating empathy first. Empathy will change one’s perception to tackle various problems around him, it encourages him to involve and be a part of the solution. We believe if he practices it regularly, he will create positive impacts on others. Thus, if a pool of like-minded people who share the same thought and taking actions collectively, they will change the world. That is raison d’etre of Empathy Project.

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Our Strategy

However, the optimal transformation only can be reached if all stakeholders work together and take responsibility to be a part of solutions

So, we design ‘Empathy Project’

The milestones ‘Empathy Project’

EP #1 - 2018

Empathy Project 2018

Pilot project delivered in Sembulang, Batam island and also launched BYTE’s inaugural scholarship program. The pilot engaged 1,000 learners and collaborators

EP #2 - 2019

Empathy Project 2019

Empathy Project delivered in three region and engaged more than 3,000 learners and collaborators

EP #3 - 2020

Empathy Project 2020

Due the Covid-19 outbreak, Empathy Project will be delivered on October 2020 under theme ‘Solidarity Action’ and aims to reach 5,000 learners and collaborators

Get Closer to Empathy Project 2020

The following will describe a series programs in Empathy Project 2020


Designed for partners to accelerate positive impact in society


Designed for all stakeholders to share their thoughts & insights in a specific theme


Designed for the public to involve and be a part of a solution on a specific problem


Designed for scholarship recipients to solve MSMEs problems

Potion (Photo Exhibition)

Designed for the public to provoke thoughts and inspire impactful actions

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s join the crowd!
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