Empathy Project

A small act of kindness will create a ripple effect!

Empathy Project envisions a future society where people of any background can contribute to a better world, humbly beginning from empathy.

Raising the theme of Solidarity: A Small Act of Kindness, we would like to invite our friends and networks from all over the world to come together in Empathy Project 2020 and take a role to create positive changes to the world. Starting from June, a series of programs will be delivered and the closing will be on Empathy Week from 5 – 10 October 2020.

What is the Empathy Project?

Empathy Project

How do we make it work?

Empathy Project develops a multi-stakeholder ecosystem in which every stakeholder (including the Government, NPOs, NGOs, CSOs, Businesses, Organizations, Media, and YOU) takes responsibility to be a part of solutions.

Empathy Project is designed to encourage all stakeholders to take a role in solving any problems closest to them through social creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Milestones ‘Empathy Project’

Empathy Project 2018

Empathy Project 2018 delivered as a pilot project in Sembulang Village, Batam that engaged more than 1000 learners and collaborators.

Empathy Project 2019

Delivered three times in three different regions in Indonesia, Empathy Project 2019 engaged more than 3000 learners and collaborators.

Empathy Project 2020

Empathy Project 2020 will be delivered virtually due to COVID-19 outbreaks in Indonesia. This year, we aim to engage 5000 learners and collaborators.

Why should you join the Empathy Project?

The current pandemic situation has created an opportunity for a positive change as our mutual support is increasingly needed. This is the best time to promote more positive actions and create a responsible ecosystem.

Based on our research from February until May 2020, we found that only less than 10% of the digital contents circulating on the internet can be categorized as educational content. This percentage is mostly webinar for adults.

Children who their learning process affected during the pandemic, remain in need of practical and accessible materials to study at home. Thus, we need to work together to provide free, applicable, and practical learning contents to answer those needs.

Therefore, we came up with an idea to bring together experts and youth volunteers to donate their time to create educational clips both to teach new skills or an applicable small act of kindness for children, parents, and society. Even though large gatherings are being prohibited anyplace this year, it won’t be the reason for us to stop spreading the positive vibes, right?

Empathy Project 2020 highlights the theme of Solidarity where everyone can come together, taking a role to promote compassionate actions that can inspire others to do the same. We believe that anyone can be a #HistoryMaker, including you!

So, how to be involved in Empathy Project 2020?

From June 12th – July 4th, 2020, you can join our Volunteering Opportunity as:


If you have at least ± 8 years of experiences in your field, you can join the Experteering program. You only need to donate max. 4 hours/month of your time.

Youth Volunteering

If you are below 30 years old, you can join the Youth Volunteering program. You only need to donate max. 6 hours/week of your time. 

Co-Hosting Three-S Dialogue

If your institution has a mission or practices related to either Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, or Entrepreneurship Education, you can co-host one session of Three-S Dialogue virtually.

Be a #HistoryMaker!

Whoever you are, if you are excited to take a role in the Empathy Project, you can join our virtual campaign.

We’re open for incubation opportunity!

Virtual Lab


Virtual Lab is a program at the proceeding Empathy Project Virtual 2020. The program is initiated as our commitment to nurture Social Innovation (SI) and Entrepreneurship Education (EE) in Indonesia.

We still have more exciting opportunities coming up!

Stay tuned for

Becoming Speakers at the MSD


(coming soon on August)

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