Be The Change: Everyone Can Be A Change!

oleh: Clarissa Amadhea (@clarissaamadhea) – Co-lead of SociopreneurID Publishing

“Everyone can be a change.” SID firmly believes in the transformative power of communities as agents of change.

For over a decade, SociopreneurID’s initiatives have actively engaged all sectors of society, showcasing a steadfast commitment to enhancing the educational landscape in Indonesia. Through this sustained effort, SociopreneurID has amassed valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities encountered throughout the implementation of the Be The Change initiative.

These challenges encompass various aspects, including rigid thought patterns, insufficient practical skills, decision-making limitations, and a dearth of analytical and critical thinking abilities, alongside character deficiencies. Consequently, these hurdles impede the education system’s ability to effectively adapt to change.

To catalyze meaningful progress in 2024, SociopreneurID is revitalizing the Be The Change initiative, leveraging its accumulated knowledge to address existing challenges and seize available opportunities. Recognizing the innate benevolence within the Indonesian populace, SociopreneurID is committed to empowering individuals to become leaders and exemplars in driving educational reform.

The culmination of these efforts will be witnessed at the Be the Change Final Event, a three-day convergence aimed at fostering learning, connectivity, and positive change. This event will facilitate engagements such as the Global Entrepreneurship Meeting, Multi-stakeholder Dialogue, and the Festival of Social Creativity, providing a platform for collective action and innovation.

On Thursday, February 29, 2024, the launch of the Be The Change Program marked a pivotal moment, featuring a thought-provoking panel discussion themed “Everyone Can Be A Change.” Led by Niki Prastomo, the panellists—Dessy Aliandrina, Mila Aliana, Edgard Gouveia Jr., and Clemens Graetsch—espoused the transformative potential of change and its role in personal and societal growth.

Emphasizing the need to embrace change as an opportunity for positive transformation, the panellists advocated for innovative approaches to education. They envisioned learning environments characterized by adventure and collaboration, underscoring the pivotal role of education in societal advancement.

Central to their message was the notion that every act of kindness and compassion contributes to meaningful change. Encouraging collective responsibility, they implored individuals to recognize their capacity for effecting positive change and to actively participate in shaping a better future.

As we reflect on these insights, let us embark on this journey of change unitedly. Each of us possesses the power to effect positive transformation. Let us harness our collective potential to spread kindness and positivity, becoming catalysts for change and champions of a brighter tomorrow.

Join us on this exhilarating journey where every action, no matter how small, has the potential to shape history through Together, let’s be the change we aspire to see in the world.

POWER, PEACE OUT~ #HistoryMakers

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