One Drop of Water Equals to One Soul

by: Jessica Wiane Alie (@jessicawiane) – Research Intern at Youth Team SociopreneurID

The most vital and precious natural resource on the planet is water. It is the source of all life. Without water, there is no life. Water is essential not only for humans but also for the entire ecosystem. The existence of people and animals is nearly impossible without enough water. Water is the second most vital natural resource for any living being after fresh air.

For a variety of reasons, we are entirely reliant on water. Agriculture makes use of water to irrigate crops. Water is used in our homes for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, and other activities. Recreational activities take place on the water. Water is utilised in industries as a coolant, solvent, and other production processes. Water is used to create hydroelectric power. Navigation and cargo transportation is also done on the water. This demonstrates how water is the most critical component of life and that every drop is necessary for survival. As a result, water conservation is essential to the survival of life on our planet.

Whether a bit worm, a plant, or a fully grown tree, every living species on our planet requires water to survive, water is essential for animals and plants to exist. Water covers over 71 per cent of the Earth’s surface. Unfortunately, freshwater makes up just 3% of the available water. Frozen glaciers and ice caps hold around two-thirds of the world’s freshwater. The remainder of the modest amount is known as groundwater and surface water.

Water conservation has many functions, including drinking, bathing, agriculture, irrigation, hospitality, manufacturing, and other fundamental water uses. In the human body, water aids blood circulation and enhances metabolism. Saliva secretion and oxygen transport to our cells are both administered by water. Water is also home to the whole aquatic environment. It is a haven for all marine creatures. Not only is that, after land and air, but water is also a significant mode of transportation. Some nations have plentiful water resources for their citizens and serve them, whereas others lack natural resources even for survival.

Freshwater depletion has become a hazard to human survival. Water quality and quantity, according to some scientists, are deteriorating day by day. Although about 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, the quality is that we cannot use it in our daily lives for domestic reasons. Water quality is so bad in some areas that individuals are susceptible to various water-borne diseases, such as Eluru, caused by polluted water.

To help save nature, we can start with our most minor action, holding water. We can do it in several ways, such as taking shorter showers, not letting the faucet run when you don’t use it, regularly checking the leaks, and using a laundry washer only for full loads. These actions may sound easy, but these are 100% creating a massive impact. We may not realise it now, but we are directly contributing to our activities to prevent global warming.

As a youth, we have voices to express our opinions. We can use this opportunity to voice out what we can do to make a more significant impact. Global warming is not something that we can joke about. Our lives depend on the environment on this earth, and we cannot live a second without it. The oxygen that we breathe comes from this earth and the meats that we eat come from the living things that depend on their lives. To save our lives and protect our souls, we must let our hearts be opened and see what we can do to protect our source of life. As #EarthVengerHero, we need to make ourselves a leader in creating a more sustainable effect on the environment before asking others to follow us. These are eye-opening examples that must be taken seriously to improve living circumstances for ourselves and future generations.

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