SIDAcademy #3: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation!

Sociopreneur Indonesia Academy (SIDAcademy) is a program developed by SociopreneurID that focuses on increasing practical skills as part of the process of becoming an individual who has a designer’s mindset, skillset, and toolset.

Nurturing the spirit of Social Entrepreneurship and encouraging the birth of Social Innovation is one way to solve various challenges that exist in society. Social change cannot occur from just one or two actors; it requires collaboration between stakeholders who represent ABGS (academics, business, government, and society).

Therefore, understanding the concepts and practices of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation is essential for every individual to become the actors who can contribute and deliver a positive impact on their surroundings.

Through this class, we will explore the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, and its difference with Business Entrepreneurship, how to identify and make solutions to social problems that occur with an entrepreneurial approach. To design, create, and build social initiatives that have an impact on society.

The class will not only focus on concepts and theories but emphasizes how to implement the understanding through social projects. When you finish the courses, you will be able to design a ​​social initiative that can be implemented and create its implementation plan.

SIDAcademy: Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation will be delivered virtually by Dessy Aliandrina (executive director of SociopreneurID), Heru Wijayanto (operations manager of SociopreneurID), and Donni Hadi Waluyo (Subject-matter Expert of SociopreneurID) on December 2nd – 3rd, 2020.

Meet the Speakers!

Dessy Aliandrina

It was the spirit of “wanting to build something” that drove her interests in design, education, and entrepreneurship. She trained formally in engineering and developed her understanding of people, technology, and society by involving in social causes nationally and internationally for more than 16 years, including seven years working on aviation safety issues.

Since 2013, Dessy combined her knowledge and experiences in people, technology, and society to design targeted programs through social innovation and entrepreneurship education. Her experiences led her to serve Central Bank of Indonesia as Faculty Member and Research Fellow, innovation advisor in Central Bank, and subject-matter experts in various institutions and organizations.

Heru Wijayanto

Heru is a practitioner and an academic who began his career as a developer in the field of information system and, later, Heru integrates the use of information and communication technology and innovation to create business value.

Heru’s experiences also led him to serve in various institutions and organizations as Research Fellow and Subject Matter Experts including BRI Microfinance Center, HarukaEdu, Universitas Internasional Batam and Mentor for Bank Indonesia Innovation Program.

Donni Hadi Waluyo

Donni is a psychology scientist, researcher, trainer, and executive life coach. He holds a Psychology degree and a Master of Psychology from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. He is now a faculty member of Bank Indonesia Institute and a subject-matter expert at SociopreneurID.

Donni is the first Indonesian to be honored with the Trainer Certified Professional Points of You Coaching Game (as of March 2017) from Points of You International in Japan.

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