Supporting Each Other by Creating A Wave of Positivity

So we decided that our part is through a #SolidarityAction. We thought that it might be a good idea to collect uplifting stories about experiences in overcoming challenges – which is especially relevant in these trying times – and sharing it as seeds of hopes to say that, “This too, shall pass!”

We have also managed to publish some of our friends’ stories on our Medium.  We name this initiative “Writing It Forward”.

It’s been almost two months that we stay at home. Sure, we miss going outside to meet our dear friends and relatives. To work in office desks. To go shopping at the mall. To engage in an eating out. Movie nights. Outdoor activities. Restless sleepovers when we spill secrets to our besties under the cover of the blanket enjoying a whole pan pizza or just game until the dawn.

However, we should still be grateful. Why so is because the situation has different impacts on different people, and it is not easy for everyone. We can try to give our help to them who need it. We might not know that they are at the brink of their lives.

“This is a quite vulnerable situation to leave those who are in a time of crisis, like Rio, alone. I think this is the time we can start reaching out to one another, to be present, and to encourage one another.”

Take Riza’s story, “Please, Stay Sane!”: Riza told a story about his friend Rio who attempted suicide. While he could not do much, he told us how we wanted to help him. Perhaps, overcoming a crisis is to be present for one another, more than ever. Read Riza’s story by clicking here.

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