“Endurance is patience concentrated” -Thomas Carlyle

If I’m allowed to depict the situation, we are all tired. I think it is humane at this point. We tirelessly tiredly wished “When will this pandemic end?” I don’t know it will be helpful or not, but nothing is eternal under the sun; our hardship should not be as well.

-Heru Wijayanto

“Why do you ask what day it is? Does it matter anymore?”

As the distinction between days seems to blur out during lockdown, it becomes a challenge for many of us to be uplifted. Yet seeing the bright side is actually a strategy to endure. The consideration: if we manage to pass this, we will all come out more resilient individually and more united as a society.

This week, we are sharing yet one more of our friend Heru’s rather contemplative, yet optimistic observation of the current situation. Read Heru’s story, “What About Our Family? (Kami Juga Punya Keluarga) in Bahasa and English on our Medium here: https://medium.com/@IDsociopreneur/kami-juga-punya-keluarga-what-about-our-family-21821ace420b

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