“True solidarity is only possible among the solitary.” -Jose Bergamin

“I have always thought that humans are inspired by comics. Perhaps, it is the other way round. I believe everyone is a hero and can choose to be a hero because today I witnessed good. Today kindness happened before my very eyes.”

-Christian Setiawan

This week, we have been receiving positive stories from our friends about how they cope with social distancing during COVID-19 outbreaks. With boredom comes creativity; at least that is where the comic above inspired from. 

This week, we are going to share one of our friend Christian’s story who hasn’t gone out for three weeks and was surprised to see what his neighbourhood is doing at the time being. Read Christian’s story, “A Witness In The Street (Kisah Kasih di Jalanan) in Bahasa and English on our Medium by clicking on this link https://medium.com/sociopreneurid/kisah-kasih-di-jalanan-1851428fb19e

This week, may good health and joy find you. And next week. And always. It’s our sincere prayer for you.

We would like to hear your story too! How are you coping with the current COVID-19 outbreak? What do you learn from your experience of the situation? Tell us your story and kindly send it to info@sociopreneur.id

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