WEAVER Sixth Edition: Environmental Actions

Humans are interconnected as one of a kind. While there are a lot of ways to communicate, we tend to simplify it as a voice. A voice can be propagated passionately in thunderous cry, yet it can also be calm and soothing whispers. It can be perceived verbally, but also visually, and symbolically. So-called “voice” can be realized as a power to encourage others to do good!

News flash: Each one of us has our own voice!
As varied we are to how we can express ourselves, everyone has the same chance and subsequently option, to use the power for greater purposes. Are you willing to give for others?

Human advancements are the byproduct of their relationships to nature; the inspiration, the provider. Are not the very fertility of the soil bears us ripe and sweet fruits or the multitude of fishes in the waves of the sea lay bare to be tended? Are not the movements of the fellow living beings, such as the ants that prepare the winter, influence our culture and teach us how to survive? And that just might be how Earth’s embrace is identical to Mother’s gentleness.

In the sixth edition of #Weaver e-Magazine, we bring forth the stories of “Environmental Actions” with hope to inspire our readers that everyone can be the change. The smallest thing we do, matters. And there is no better time to start than right now if we choose to.

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