“Make love, take love, but you should give love. And try to live love.” -George Harrison

“George up, George down. Up, up, up, down down”, sang Edi. 

George muttered, “Rrrrrrr……”, before Edi laid down on his back. 

Edi relaxes for a bit, it’s 10,000 feet above the sea. The plane then navigates amidst the resting sky, reflecting the golden light and traversing through the dancing clouds, automatically adjusting to the wind and altitude.

Honestly speaking, George’s not his colleague though, it’s actually a term used commonly for an autopilot machine. 

Autopilot: responding automatically to the circumstances coming before us. Now imagine, if we were to be George, how many circumstances have we passed in autopilot mode? Perhaps a slang we always use when meeting our friends. Perhaps we act tough in front of the public. To put our hands properly when talking to people as not to stand awkwardly. We’ve all been there. Yet, the responses we do are becoming even more firm as a “right” response as time goes.

“It’s a habit, and it’s helping us in our life!”
True. But it’s more about pondering. Does George, the autopilot machine, enjoys the view up above, or does Edi the pilot is the one who enjoys it? 

Life is moving forward so fast. Sometimes we forget that we have the right to “rest”.
We are the pilot of ourselves, and we can treat ourselves gently. A pilot has to be aware of his own tools and crafts, just like how we can become aware of how we have wired ourselves and turn George-y. 

There are views up above to enjoy when we understand that we are Edi after all. We have the right to surface as who we really are. If the view up there is good, rejoice. If the weather’s bad, withstand. The view can’t be enjoyed through reports of numbers. Of safe or danger. Of fight or flight.
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