“The only thing keeping you from being happy is the belief that you are alone” -Anna Draper

Dialling Up…Krrr..Tooot..Tweet..Shhkkk…

A man walks into a bar by himself. 

“How’s the weather?”, he asks the man sitting next to him.
He’s trying to make small talk. 
“Been good, yeah. If it was raining it will be perfect”, the man replies. 

“Yeah, indeed.”
“Where do you live?”
“Around fifteen minutes from here. Not far away.”
“By bike?”
“By foot.”
“I see.”

There is silence afterwards.

“What about you?” asks the second man.
The small talks seem to work out well.

“Me? I live pretty far. Stopped on my way home.”
he said as he sips his drink.

“Went to town for groceries. Weekly business.”
“Hmmm. Must be fun.”
“Only if you think it is. Hah!”

More silence looms in until the man decided to say something unusual of his character. This time, he brings up a specific topic.

“Have you seen the Oscars?”
“Not yet. What was it about?”

“Joaquin Phoenix, the best actor Academy Award for Joker, mentioned how human race, collectively, has been inconsiderate, even being ignorant to the environment and each other.”
“Yeah? Tell me more.”
“He mentioned the condition we live in right now is a consequence, but he said you and I can do so much more to make our world better.”
“I don’t know… like…. perhaps… he did say that humans are creative, though.”
“What do you think we can do though?”
“In my opinion….”

There is no more silence.
You know this is what happens after the iconic “In my opinion” has been muttered.
Four hours later, a man walks out from the bar. No longer by himself. 

The scenario we just enacted was inspired by a real-life event. 
Landing to small spot is a hit or miss. Sometimes, we have to find clicks to connect with someone. That’s why we know “birds of a feather flock together” – they are tethered bunch. The question is, do we really have to know everything to connect with everyone? In our opinion, no. Our answer is backed up, at least from a movement started by Kalina Silverman, makebigtalk.com (search it up, it’s worth it!)

While small talk is targeted, big talk can cover a lot of things. Big, because everyone can understand. Big, because they are the things we can experience. Things like our feelings, fears, questions, doubts. What is the limit of mankind? What do you want to do when you grow old? Everyone has their own stories and perspective. The entire earth population is like flipping a book of billions of pages. 

To connect with people is to hear voices, loud and gentle both. It is about finding fractions of yourself in others. To find companions in your path, and learning where you want to walk. Suddenly, the world is not lonely for dreamers-alike.
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