Vocational Education and Youth Entrepreneurship in Indonesia: Study of Several Major Cities

Dessy Aliandrina; Definta Ria Astuti; Heru Wijayanto

A fast growing entrepreneurship spirit has emerged in the developing countries and becomes increasingly important subjects among the youths. Indeed, youth entrepreneurship is viewed as one essential study in entrepreneurship since it leads to positive impacts to the society. There have been many inspiring stories of youth entrepreneurs that successfully bring socio-economic benefits, such as promoting creativity, developing traits and inter-relationship and creating new jobs. Despite of its importance, study on youth entrepreneurship often has been overlook in Indonesia although there are vocational schools that educate their students to be entrepreneurs or skilled-workers. Unemployment issue still exists and remains challenges among the graduates of vocational schools. This study aims to develop a reasoned and logical understanding of the significances of vocational education and youth entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

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