Sustainable Tourism: Interactive Map of Rumah Gadang

Dessy Aliandrina; Heru Wijayanto

Rumah Gadang, a traditional house of Minangkabau people, in West Sumatra has both historical and normative values. It represents social identity of Minangkabau people. In the last two decades, the number of Rumah Gadang has decreased significantly and in some areas of West Sumatra, the status of Rumah Gadang is quite worrisome. There have been dramatical changes in view of the function, form, construction, structure and spatial structure of these traditional houses. In the spirit of preserving Rumah Gadang as world cultural heritage, we aim to create an interactive map of Rumah Gadang in West Sumatra. The interactive map has several functions not only to identify numbers and provide identity of each Rumah Gadang, but also to share valuable information regarding their corresponding historical and normative values; for example, historical data, materials and designs, owners, function, etc. Through this interactive map, the previous, recent and future studies on Rumah Gadang can be easily accessed through internet web and hence helps to promote the values of Rumah Gadang, as one of the world cultural heritages.

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