Social Entrepreneurship: Empathy in Decision Making Process (DMP) of Social Entrepreneur Indonesia

Stevanus Chandra D; Dessy Aliandrina

Keywords: SDGs, social entrepreneurship, empathy, DMP

SDGs were established as an effort to build three pillars of development, which is social, economic, and environment. These pillars are present as a form to solve inequality, which is an impact that every social entrepreneur wants to achieve. For this reason, nurturing and fostering the growth of social entrepreneurship is essential to tackle inequalities. Here, empathy plays significant role in decision making processes (DMP) of a social entrepreneur to define solution for inequalities. This study aims to investigate the role of empathy in DMP of 6 social entrepreneurs that was resulted in built their social enterprises. By applying qualitative research approach, this study identified that empathy influenced in the whole DMP before a decision is taken.

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