Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Indonesia

Dessy Aliandrina

Keywords: social entrepreneurship, empathy, business

Life is full of contradictive situations. A student who has full access to education hates studying while another boy should walk 7 km everyday to reach his school in order to get an education. Modern society built more social networking to add friend-list, but becomes friend-less. The conditions and situations above are only examples of the world biggest threats today, which emerge the growth of social entrepreneurship. For example, Tree Planting Vacation Business emerged because people want to save the world from deforestation by taking vacation for planting trees, alternative energy business emerged to supply energy to people who have no access to it. However, the world of social entrepreneurship is not a linear process; it is a mess, complex, and unpredictable process. This study presents Social Entrepreneurship practices in Indonesia and the raise of awareness to build social entrepreneurship ecosystem amongst multiple stakeholders. Three cases of best-practices, from class project to international event, in University level will introduce in order to illustrate the needs to build ’empathy’ to society. The result shows the role of University in development of social entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

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