I-Site: Emerging Tourism through One-Stop Portal

Dessy Aliandrina; Definta Ria Astuti; Heru Wijayanto

I-Site idea emerged from a gap in online information available about West Sumatra, Indonesia. The province has 4.96 Million residents who own a unique culture based on a matrilineal system. The unique culture is exposed on horn-shaped roof of traditional house, culinary (e.g., rendang, curry), and artworks (e.g., songket, sulaman). Furthermore, its geographic features offer a land of scenic beauty with lakes, mountains, and tropical forests. However, existing online information available about West Sumatra does not integrate. Users are very likely to browse different keywords to gather and collect information about West Sumatra. Thus, I-Site is designed to provide internet and mobile users with tourism information in one portal. Differing from existing tourism website, I-Site does not only provide information for tourists to plan their trips, but also invite the tourists and a crowd of people to become contributors of the Pages. So, crowdsourcing is applied for I-Site. Crowdsourcing is one of the uniqueness of I-Site. It will result in comprehensive contents related to West Sumatra tourism as I-Site is developed by a large crowd of people – from amateurs to experts – and partnering with companies and business owners. The contributors will receive recognition and/or monetary benefits. Similarly, companies and business owners will benefit from their ads in I-Site, which will be accessed by visitors from around the world who are interested in visiting West Sumatra. In sum, I-Site accommodates the needs of a wide range of stakeholders directly and, indirectly, increasing number of tourists to West Sumatra and, in turn, boosts local economy.

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